Top 5 Inspirational Blogs to Follow

Top 5 Inspirational Blogs to Follow

Let me start off by saying; I love the blogging world. There are so many amazing, inspirational bloggers to follow who create, amaze and shine every single day. I have been an avid reader of blogs for the past 4 or so years, and in that time I have come across a few of my favourite bloggers who continue to inspire me on a daily basis.

I love to spread positivity, creativity and happiness, and with my blog, I think it is the perfect way!

So with that been said, here are a couple of my favourite blogs that I have been following for quite some time!

Barefoot Blonde | Amber Fillerup Clark

Ambers blog was actually the first I ever came across.
I can’t actually remember how it was that I stumbled onto her blog, but I am so glad I did as it opened up a whole new world for me. I think she’s gorgeous and most importantly, I find her so real and honest. I love her little family and follow her over on instagram too. You should really check her out!

Freddy My Love | Freddy Cousin-Brown

More a YouTuber than a blogger, this girl has one of the most aesthetically pleasing instagram feeds I’ve ever seen. Picture; Fairytale meets wanderlust. I crave for her high end fashion pics with her pink, white and grey theme. If you are a ‘girly-girl’, or even if you arent, then I’d highly recommend to follow! She’s basically my style icon. <3

Inthefrow | Victoria

Following on from Freddy, here is another girl who’s blog/Instagram feed and youtube gives me the good feel vibes; Victoria. She has been the most consistent blogger I’ve ever followed, who has, up until recently, posted every single day. (That is a lot of hard work!) I long to travel, but living in the most secluded country in the world, I basically live through her for travel haha (My boyfriend and I are planning to travel to the UK next year and I am beyond excited!) She also has an amazing fashion style and I love watching her clothes hauls!

Wonder Forest | Dana

Dana’s blog is a beautifully designed creative blog with heaps of photography, blogging and business tips for entrepreneurs. You can also purchase iPhone cases and MacBook cases from her site, and she also does blogger/WordPress themes on her creative store Envye. Her blog has helped me learn a lot about blogging and would honestly recommend it to everyone who is running a blog or interested in starting!

Hannah Gale

I haven’t been following Hannah for long, but I loved her feed and that at first drew me in. Nowadays, I liveeeee for her Instagram stories. They are super hilarious, very down to earth, and she shares her honest parent stories, along with her normal daily struggles which make her super relatable. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and I think everyone should follow her!

Here are a few other blogs worth checking!

A beautiful mess

Thirteen Thoughts

Poppy Deyes

From Roses

Gemma Louise

Lust Living

Helene In Between


Are there any other blogs you love to read and would recommend?




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